Rebel Flag

Rebel Flag ?

do YOU find it offence ?

Absolutely not. It is a symbol rich with history. It is forever the symbol of the malcontent and dissatisfied. As a political symbol it is on par with the "Don't Tread on me" flag. It means you go your way and I'll go mine.

I know their is a faction in our population that appears to hold an ascendancy that delights in mis-representing it. In the first place in was the symbol of States Rights. It was the Northern states that were usurped by the abolitionist movement that persist in trying to re-write history to make it a war to free slaves. That was never the issue to the southern states. The industrial revolution and economics was in the process of destroying the institution anyway. By the end of the century, it would have probably been gone.

The Rebel Flag has become the ensign of the death of chivalry and gallant bravery. It marks a time of culture and elegant living. It will forever be the symbol of the lost cause and THAT we need disparately. We must always champion the lost cause and never forget that it is there. It reminds us that we must always try even if we fail. We must stay true to our cause even in defeat.

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